A.I. Assistant
for checkout tills


Verify scans. Identify products.

check:lens is a visual product recognition system. The A.I. Sensor mounted on the checkout till recognizes missed scans and verifies each individual product. When a shopper scans or enters an incorrect item, check:lens will propose the correct product and update the basket.

Say goodbye to the cumbersome weight-based system and welcome check:lens, an automatic and frictionless correction experience.



Detect non-scans like pass-around, fake-scan or left-in-cart.


Detect mis-scans like incorrect produce selection and substitute scans.


Recognize and present automatically non-barcoded items.


Nudge the shopper to correct missed and incorrect scans.

  • check:scan

    System detects and corrects non-scans. A shopper passing the item across the scan area ensuring the barcode cannot be read. A shopper keeping the item in the cart. A shopper manually deleting a successful scan.

  • check:product

    System detects and corrects mis-scans. A shopper scanning an inexpensive substitute item. A shopper selecting an incorrect non-barcoded item. A shopper scanning incorrect barcode on a multipack.

  • check:fresh

    System recognizes and displays automatically non-barcoded items. No manual search & select required! An outstanding checkout experience for fresh items.


Notify Supervisor

check:lens will immediately notify the checkout supervisor at any non- and mis-scan event. The system will display rich information with an actual image of the relevant item.

The supervisor remotely controls the correction process and may trigger a re-scan at all times or hold the transaction to engage with the shopper.

Loss Insights


check:lens makes you better understand checkout based shrinkage. The system provides a detailed loss reporting on store, category and product level.

Every store manager receives deep insights about his individual shrinkage situation. check:lens helps you optimize checkout staffing, layouts, product packaging and promotions.

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Improve checkout experience

check:lens replaces cumbersome security scales and error-prone manual search.

Enhance your self-checkout with an outstanding experience. Fast, accurate and convenient!

Chart and Money

Increase sales and net income

check:lens immediately grows your self-checkout revenue by regaining sales from detected loss events.

Every corrected non- and mis-scan directly increases your net income.

Checkout Supervision

Optimize checkout supervision

check:lens will enable you to optimize the supervision effort of your self-checkouts.

Offload tasks from your employees to check:lens.


Increase shelf availability

Non - and Mis-scans generate stock inaccuracies and lost sales opportunities.

check:lens will help you correct inventory, improve on-shelf-availability and grow sales.

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